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Hattie Dorsey, President/CEO



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To promote the concept and implement the development of mixed income communities that result in equitable distribution of affordable housing throughout the metropolitan Atlanta region.



The Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership, Inc. (ANDP) works with a dynamic network of businesses and organizations to both advocate for and actually participate in the bricks and mortar building process for new affordable, mixed income housing and community revitalization. This strong network encompasses lenders, for-profit and non-profit developers, public and private agencies, foundations and community development corporations (CDCs) - all working for positive change at the neighborhood level.

Throughout its 14-year history, ANDP has been engaged in developing housing for people of moderate to low incomes. As a result of its development and renovation activities, its lending practices, and its role as an intermediary to more than 20 CDCs, more than 7,550 housing units in the Atlanta metropolitan region have been created or preserved.

As the definition of "moderate" income has changed to include more people like teachers, policemen, bank clerks and the like, and as gentrification gobbles up more former relatively inexpensive neighborhoods, the affordable housing crisis touches the lives of even more people and ANDPs mission becomes even more critical. Already, families are forced to move further and further away from their jobs to find affordable housing. Understanding this dilemma, ANDP works with its network to encourage the development of mixed income communities offering affordable housing closer to where Atlanta's citizens work - from the airport to Alpharetta and beyond


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Representative programs:

    Housing Finance In 1998, ANDP established the Community Redevelopment Loan and Investment Fund, Inc. (CRLIF) to expand its lending capacity under the auspices of the Housing Finance Department.  CRLIF, a 501(c) (3), provides access to capital to rebuild and rejuvenate communities in Metro Atlanta.

    Housing Development  This vital department focuses on the revitalization of neighborhoods and communities by facilitating the 'bricks and mortar' arm of ANDP through:

    • Building new and rehabilitating existing single family homes
    • Building new and rehabilitating existing multi-family housing
    • Providing technical assistance to Community Development Corporations (CDCs)

     Mixed Income Communities Initiative Through the Mixed Income Communities Initiative (MICI), ANDP is raising awareness about the need for more affordable housing across the region. MICI is nationally recognized as a model for advocacy and research on behalf of mixed income development and protection of low-income residents when gentrification changes the market dynamics of a neighborhood. MICI has played a central role in the City of Atlanta's Affordable Housing Task Force and in advising local and state governments on how to fight predatory lending practices.