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Rochester, NY 14614

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The Rochester Conversation on Mid-Sized Cities project, as part of the City of Rochester, explores the unique roles that mid-sized cities play in the United States.


Description:  (from web site)

"Each decade seems to have a way of getting labeled by an issue or an event or a trend. We think of the 1960s as the Civil Rights period. The 70s are referred to as the Watergate era. If the 20th century was the century of time -- as Albert Einstein called it -- then the 21st century may become the century of place.

"All of the spaces in which we live, at whatever scale, are shaped by dominant market forces and dominant institutions. Yet to many of us, mid-size cities negotiate between these forces and institutions much differently than do big cities or small communities.

"Rochester, like many mid-size cities, has been a crucible for economic and social change over the past several decades. Whether to note similarities or differences, we encourage you use Rochester as a touchstone for your ideas."


Resources to Share:

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The City of Rochester is creatively engaging some of the pressing issues of contemporary regional planning.

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