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"The Center for Justice, Tolerance, and Community (CJTC) at UC Santa Cruz is a progressive research institute tackling issues of social justice, diversity and tolerance, and the building of collaborative relationships between the university and local community. Our overall mission is to promote EQUITY. We define this broadly, including studies of the roots of prejudice, the sources of economic inequality, and the obstacles to the building of community. We seek to work at the cutting edge, combining rigor and relevance, as we focus on what might be termed the civil rights issues of the new century. Most of all, we seek to promote research that translates into action."


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 Reports and Briefings

Immigrant Workers' Empowerment and Community Building: A Review of Issues and Strategies for Increasing Workforce and Economic Opportunity for Immigrant Workers

Chris Benner, Tony LoPresti, Martha Matsuoka, Manuel Pastor, and Rachel Rosner
April 2005

This research report profiles eight organizations who have had success working with an immigrant worker population, generally in the context of broader efforts for community and policy change. The research describes the the range of strategies necessary to address and meet the needs of immigrant workers and create viable employment opportunities.



 Community Based Regionalism's: Community Building, Community Bridging
By Manuel Pastor Jr., Chris Benner, Rachel Rosner, Martha Matsuoka, and Julie Jacobs

A summary document of our research, entitled "Community Building, Community Bridging: Linking Neighborhood Improvement Initiatives and the New Regionalism in the San Francisco Bay Area," discusses the three initiatives and draws general lessons for those interested in how communities and regions could better work together.



 Bringing Globalization Home: Portraits of Popular Education at the Global-Local Junction

A joint project of the CJTC and the Inter-American Forum at the Collins Center for Public Policy in Miami, Florida
January 2005

Bringing Globalization Home highlights four community based organizations that are adding their voices to the Globalization debate using popular education tools.

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 Reading, Writing, and Breathing
By Manuel Pastor, Jim Sadd, and Rachel Morello-Frosch

This report looks at the distribution of air toxics, respiratory hazard, and school children in the state of California.  The report finds evidence of disproportionate exposure and a potential link between such exposure and school-level academic performance, and calls for policy changes that can better situate environmental health concerns within initiatives for school improvement. 



Environmental Justice's: Building a Regional Voice for Environmental Justice
Liberty Hill Foundation

Download Building a Regional Voice for Environmental Justice and read about the partnerships exposing the arc of the work in the Environmental Justice Movement. As you will see, the project is an innovative combination of research and organizing that has both firmly documented the case for action to reduce disparities and provided the research basis for organizing for improvements in air quality and siting practices.



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