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145 Ninth Street, #101
San Francisco CA 94103

phone: 415-552-8760
fax: 415-552-0882


Andrea Torrice
Film Arts Foundation
346 Ninth Street
San Francisco CA 94111



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Description (from the website):

"Film Arts Foundation (Film Arts) is a non-profit leader in the media arts field, providing comprehensive training, equipment, information, consultations, and exhibition opportunities to independent filmmakers. Now in its twenty-eight year, Film Arts has more than 3,400 members working in film, video, and multimedia, and is the largest regional organization of independent producers in the country.

"Film Arts services take the filmmaker from the first step (education) to the final one (distribution) and cover everything they will need to know in between.

"Services include:

    education and training
    low-cost equipment access
    exhibition opportunities
    fiscal sponsorship
    project funding
    consultation and
    information resources

"Film Arts Foundation's programs have become models for other organizations around the country."


Resources to Share (from the website):

"Our Services

"Film Arts Foundation members receive many resources and benefits, including a subscription to Release Print, service discounts, access to the Film Arts production & post production equipment and rooms, discounted education and videotape and resource library access. For more information about the benefits of Film Arts membership, go to our membership section.

"In addition to member benefits, there are many Film Arts resources available, online and off, to independent film and video makers:

  • "Grants
    Film Arts annually award funds for development, completion and distributions of independent film/video works.
  • "Fiscal Sponsorship
    Film Arts' fiscal sponsorship program allow individual projects to become eligible for funding -- particularly from foundations and government entities -- normally distributed only to nonprofit organizations.
  • "Online Databases (members only)
    Many of the listings in Release Print's Info Pages are now available online! Browse, search and print out listings from Funding and Opportunities, Festivals, and AEIOU databases.
  • "The Board
    Film Arts' online discussion board offers valuable networking opportunities, in such topics as project announcements, services available/wanted, and calls for entry. The Forum may be read and posted to by anyone with web access.
  • "Business Directory
    Film Arts Foundation is pleased to highlight the businesses whose generosity benefits the Film Arts membership.
  • "Links
    Browse through an extensive (and ever growing) list of links, in categories such as advocacy, exhibitors, services, media fundraising and more.
  • "FOR SALE AT Film Arts Foundation
    Film Arts has many peices of merchandise available for purchase from the Film Arts office, by phone or mail and online."