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Innovative Housing Institute is a non-profit corporation providing technical assistance and professional support to local governments, private developers, housing agencies and community organizations.  IHI works with these entitites to assist in formulating and clarifying goals and provides  expertise and successful models to help achieve them.

Current Projects

Baltimore, Maryland.  In Baltimore, IHI is Program Manager for the Housing Authority of Baltimore to assist in implementing discrimination remedies through rental and ownership opportunities in low poverty areas of the region.

Decatur, Georgia.  In Decatur, IHI is working with the city and private developers to create a mixed income development in the heart of the city.

Frederick, Maryland.  In Frederick, IHI assisted in the adoption of an inclusionary zoning ordinance.

Greensboro, North Carolina.  In Greensboro, IHI helped transform a deteriorating neighborhood into a desirable mixed income community, helping to craft and implement a HOPE VI project.

Louisville, Kentucky.  In Louisville, IHI assisted the housing authority and the city to implement a HOPE VI project in its initial stages, accessing multiple funding sources and ensuring good design.

Monroe County, Florida.  In Monroe County, IHI is assisting in developing "workforce" housing throughout a 120 mile string of islands


Resources to Share:

The House Next Door is a study of the impact of subsidized housing on property values of private market rate housing in mixed-income environments in Montgomery County, Maryland and Fairfax County, Virginia.