Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity

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"The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity is a university-wide interdisciplinary research institute. Its goal is to deepen our understanding of the causes of and solutions to racial and ethnic disparities and hierarchies. This includes an explicit focus on Ohio and the United States, but also the Americas as a whole and our larger global community. Our primary focus is to increase general understanding that, despite many differences, human destinies are intertwined. Thus, the Institute explores and illustrates both our diversity and common humanity in real terms."



The Institute brings together a diverse and creative group of scholars and researchers from various disciplines to focus on the histories, present conditions, and the future prospects of racially and ethnically marginalized people. Informed by real world needs, its work strives to have a meaningful impact on policies and practices.

The Institute also focuses on the interrelatedness of race and ethnicity with other factors such as gender, class, and culture and how these are embedded in structures and systems. Collaboration with other institutions and organizations around the world and ongoing relationships with real people, real communities and real issues are a vital part of its work.

The Institute employs many approaches to fulfilling its mission: original research, publications, comparative analyses, surveys, convenings and conferences. It is part of a rich intellectual community and draws upon the insight and energy of the faculty and students at Ohio State.

While the Institute focuses on marginalized racial and ethnic communities, it understands that these communities exist in a relationship to other communities and that fostering these relationships deepens the possibility of change.


Resources to Share:   Selected publications of john a. powell

"Lessons from Suffering: How Social Justice Informs Spirituality" (University of St. Thomas Law Review 2003)
abstract  --  link to article  --  link to related keynote address

"Does Racism in Motion Have to Stay in Motion?: Nonprofits as a Force Against Structural Racism" with Marguerite Spencer (The NonProfit Quarterly - Volume 9, Issue 2 - Summer 2002)
link to article

"Urban Fragmentation as a Barrier to Equal Opportunity" with Kathleen M Graham (chapter 7 in Rights at Risk: Equality in an Age of Terrorism published by the Citizens' Commission on Civil Rights, 2002)
abstract  --  link to article  --  link to full report

"Addressing Regional Dilemmas for Minority Communities" (chapter 8 in Reflections on Regionalism edited by Bruce Katz, foreward by Al Gore, published by the Brookings Institution, May 2000)
abstract  --  link to article  --  link to book

"Achieving Racial Justice: What's Sprawl Got To Do With It" (Poverty and Race - Volume 8, No 5. - published by PRRAC)
link to web article

"The Multiple Self: Exploring Between and Beyond Modernity and Postmodernity" (Minnesota Law Review - Vol 81 - 1997)
link to web article