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Edwin Schoenberger, President
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The mission of the Northern California Council for the Community (NCCC) is to help build healthy, safe and self-sufficient communities in the Bay Area by improving the public's return on its investment in children, families and neighborhoods. Founded in 1993, NCCC is the only organization in the region that focuses on What Works! through its program of benchmarking best practices, conducting learning experiences, developing implementation tools and demonstrating successful approaches.


Description:  What NCCC does     (from web site)

Provides and Analyzes Data...

    The State of the Bay Area: A Regional Report: Conducts research on key indicators of importance in the Bay Area and tracks data on a regional and county level. Highlights areas of concern and headline indicators that lead to action.

    Bay Area Neighborhood Profiles and Maps: Provides neighborhood profiles and maps of the most impoverished neighborhoods in the 10 Bay Area Counties from 1990 Census. 1990 - 2000 updated map. Coming soon: 2000 map and report of the most impoverished neighborhoods in the Bay Area.

    Bay Region Agency Information Network (BRAIN): Manages a regional database containing thousands of services from nonprofit and government agencies and self-help groups.

    GIS Mapping Technology and Local Data: Using Geographic Information System Technology allows NCCC to effectively map local data at the census tract level to show trends of poverty, economic growth, population movement and health and human services data. This allows for greater focus and emphasis on demographic and needs in the most impoverished neighborhoods.

Offers Learning Experiences and Tools...

    Outcomes Training: Provides technical assistance, training materials, data collection instruments and other tools for the United Way of the Bay Area, public agencies and nonprofit organizations, 1994-present.

    Information and Referral (I&R) Training: Provides training and materials on professional I&R competencies, including assessment, active listening, and advocacy, 1994-present.

Links People with Agencies and Services...

    HELPLINK (415-808-HELP or 800-273-6222): The Bay Area's comprehensive information and referral service, connects individuals and families from seven counties to community resources and self-help groups.

To Achieve Results, Collaborates and Consults with Funders and Low-Income Residents

    Partnership with the United Way of the Bay Area: Collaborates with the United Way of the Bay Area to improve the outcomes in four issue areas: Self Sufficiency, Health, Education and Safe Communities through outcomes training and a results-based accountability framework.

    Neighborhood Advisory Council: The staff and board of NCCC are advised by a group of Bay Area residents. NAC members are leaders in their own communities, many of which are designated as the most impoverished neighborhoods in the Bay Area. Members develop their own projects such as training parents to participate effectively in their local schools, granting technology mini-grants to residents to increase economic development and using neighborhood data for change.

    Transformation thru Education And Mutual Support: Promotes the TEAMS approach to building social capital through neighborhood leadership development in the Bay Area, an implementation mechanism for sustained leadership and neighborhood action capacity to create healthy, self-reliant communities in which people assist one another to achieve their individual and collective goals.

    Regional Workforce Development Partnership: Works collaboratively to provide people in Bay Area low income areas better access to systems and services that will enable them to move toward self-sufficiency by acquiring jobs in Bay Area growth industries.