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Angela Glover Blackwell, Founder and CEO

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PolicyLink is a national nonprofit research, communications, capacity building, and advocacy organization working to advance a new generation of policies to achieve economic and social equity from the wisdom, voice, and experience of local constituencies.


PolicyLink's work is guided by the belief that those closest to the nation’s challenges are central to the search for solutions. With local and national partners, PolicyLink is Lifting Up What Works®, spotlighting promising practices, supporting advocacy campaigns, and helping to bridge the traditional divide between local communities and policymaking at the local, regional, state, and national levels.

By developing and implementing multifaceted strategies, PolicyLink seeks to ensure that everyone—including low-income communities of color—can contribute to and benefit from local and regional growth and development. Among Policy Link's approaches is equitable development, which is grounded in four principles: the integration of people and place; reduction of local and regional disparities; promotion of “double bottom line” investments; and ensuring meaningful voice, participation, and leadership from community members. This framework is used to promote a range of economic and social issues, including achieving the fair distribution of affordable housing throughout regions, equity in public investment, and community strategies to improve health.

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Recent publications:

Ending School Overcrowding in California: Building Quality Schools for All Children Ending School Overcrowding in California: Building Quality Schools for All Children, Spring 2005
Over a million California schoolchildren—predominantly from low-income families and communities of color—attend severely overcrowded schools. Yet school construction resources are too often diverted to newer schools in suburban or exurban communities, bypassing critically overcrowded urban or inner-ring suburban schools that typically lack vacant land for expansion or local funding sources. Ending School Overcrowding in California: Building Quality Schools for All Children explores California’s overcrowding relief initiatives and proposes policy recommendations for fair and equitable distribution of school construction funds. more ...

Expanding Opportunity: New Resources to Meet California's Housing Needs Expanding Opportunity: New Resources to Meet California’s Housing Needs, Winter 2005
California is currently facing its greatest housing crisis ever. Expanding Opportunity: New Resources to Meet California’s Housing Needs makes the case for a dedicated source of funding for California’s housing trust fund and provides a menu of viable options. The report draws from interviews with over 50 key experts in state housing policy, industry, tax, and budget issues. It presents an in-depth economic analysis and surveys best practices of housing trust funds across the nation to show how such funding can stabilize affordable housing opportunities across the state’s diverse communities. more ...