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Mission (from the website):

"Regional Plan Association (RPA) is an independent, not-for-profit regional planning organization that improves the quality of life and the economic competitiveness of the 31-county New York-New Jersey-Connecticut region through research, planning, and advocacy. For more than 80 years, RPA has been shaping transportation systems, protecting open spaces, and promoting better community design for the region's continued growth. We anticipate the challenges the region will face in the years to come, and we mobilize the region's civic, business, and government sectors to take action.

"The nation's most influential independent regional planning organization since 1922, RPA has a storied history but is more relevant than ever in the 21st Century. RPA's First Plan in 1929 provided the blueprint for the transportation and open space networks that we take for granted today. The Second Plan, completed in 1968, was instrumental in restoring our deteriorated mass transit system, preserving threatened natural resources and revitalizing our urban centers. Released in 1996, RPA's Third Regional Plan, "A Region at Risk," warned that new global trends had fundamentally altered New York's national and global position. The plan called for building a seamless 21st century mass transit system, creating a three-million acre Greensward network of protected natural resource systems, maintaining half the region's employment in urban centers, and assisting minority and immigrant communities to fully participate in the economic mainstream.

"RPA's current work is aimed largely at implementing the ideas put forth in the Third Regional Plan, with efforts focused in five project areas: community design, open space, transportation, workforce and the economy, and housing."


Description (from the website):

"The Committee on A Regional Plan of New York and its Environs was formed in 1922 to address the needs of a growing metropolis and published its landmark Plan in 1929. At that time, Regional Plan Association was incorporated as a permanent body to implement the proposals outlined in the Plan and to prepare new regional plans as they became necessary. The Second Regional Plan in the 1960s and now the Third Regional Plan, released in 1996, offered proposals on land-use transportation, open space preservation, economic development and social issues. The following partial list of achievements is based directly upon recommendations in these plans and interim studies."


Resources to Share:

The Far West Side and the Region's Future Development Needs (PDF format)

The Far West Side: Transportation Needs and Impacts (PDF format)

The Far West Side: An Urban Design Analysis (PDF format)

Additional publications, and an archive of older publications, are available through the Regional Plan Association's website's Publications page.