The Research Foundation of the State University of New York

SUNY Albany
School of Public Health
1 University Place
Rensselaer NY 12144

phone: 518-402-0402
fax: 518-402-0380


Donna Armstrong



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Description (from the website):

"The Research Foundation is a private, nonprofit educational corporation whose primary responsibility is the administration of externally funded contracts and grants for and on behalf of the State University of New York. Since its establishment in 1951, the Research Foundation has facilitated research, education, and public service at 30 state-operated SUNY locations. The Foundation carries out its responsibilities pursuant to an agreement entered into in 1977 with the University.

"Separate Status

"The Research Foundation is a separate, private corporation, and as such is not supported by state appropriated tax dollars, nor does it receive support services provided to New York State agencies. The Foundation is responsible for its own financial, legal, and business systems; maintains its own personnel policies, employee fringe benefits program, and payroll services.

"Rationale for the Research Foundation

"The Research Foundation provides the administrative flexibility to respond quickly to the special demands of sponsored programs in a manner that facilitates their scientific or technical execution.


"The Research Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors that includes researchers and representatives from campus and system administration, as well as representatives of private business and industry. The Chancellor of the University serves as chair of the board, ex officio."


Resources to Share:

The 1999 through 2003 annual reports of the Research Foundation are available through the Foundation website.