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The Surface Transportation Policy Project is a diverse, nationwide coalition working to ensure safer communities and smarter transportation choices that enhance the economy, improve public health, promote social equity, and protect the environment.


Issues of Concern:

Enhanced Public Health, Safety and Security

Sustained Economic Prosperity

Promotion of Social Equity and Livable Communities

Energy Use and Envronment Protection



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Mean Streets 2004 - How Far Have We Come? The latest in STPP's series on transportation safety

Aging Americans: Stranded Without Options The demographics of the United States will change dramatically during the next 25 years as more baby boomers reach their 60s, 70s and beyond. The U.S. Census Bureau projects that the number of Americans age 65 or older will swell from 35 million today to more than 62 million by 2025 - nearly an 80 percent increase. As people grow older, they often become less willing or able to drive, making it necessary to depend on alternative methods of transportation.

Unfortunately, the United States is currently ill prepared to provide adequate transportation choices for our rapidly aging population. Alternatives to driving are sparse, particularly in some regions and in rural and small town communities. As the number of older people increases, so too will their mobility needs. How the nation addresses this issue will have significant social and economic ramifications.

This report presents new findings based on the National Household Transportation Survey of 2001 and places them in the context of other research on mobility in the aging population.