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1) AN INVITATION to participate  --  please visit the www.Linkedfate.org web site and join the initiative in support of communities affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (as an individual, as an organization).  This is critical to building a base of support for meetings which will be taking place in Washington DC  In September and October.  Please pass this request on to your friends/colleagues/members/constituents/networks.

2) LEARN  --  Read and distribute the latest research and fact sheets
    Weekly updates on Katrina and the Gulf Coast Recovery

    In the Wake of the Storm -- report on Katrina aftermath by Manuel
         Pastor, Robert D. Bullard, James K. Boyce, Alice Fothergill, Rachel
         Morello-Frosch and Beverly Wright.  Published by
Russell Sage
         Foundation.  (more below and on our Publications page)  

     Katrina Fact Sheets (summaries by theme, including recovery,
     infrastructure, etc.)

3) SIGN and circulate the Petition for Fairness & Opportunity. The National Alliance to Restore Opportunity to the Gulf Coast Displaced Persons has initiated the Petition for Fairness & Opportunity, demanding that the federal government do much more to restore hope and opportunity to our brothers and sisters inside and outside the region. Please download and return the petition by September 20, 2006.  

4) EXPAND YOUR REACH with the Advocate's Toolkit put together by the Opportunity Agenda.


May 15, 2006,  a new report...

   In the Wake of the Storm    

Environment, Disaster, and Race After Katrina

    (supported by the Russell Sage Foundation and co-authored by Manuel Pastor, Robert Bullard, James Boyce, Alice Fothergill, Rachel Morello-Frosch, and Beverly Wright) is now available on the web at:


Editorials and Sermons of Note...

Opinion article from the Boston Globe 8/27/2006
Misconceptions Distort View of Katrina
Greed and clout trump need when it comes to
the way large public works projects are funded,
such at the New Orleans levees

Opinion article from the New York Times 5/9/2006
Orphans of the Storm
Children's health crisis on the Gulf Coast


Guiding Principles for Restoring Community in the Gulf Coast Region:

Guiding Principles for a Just and Equitable Rebuilding of New Orleans
  A cooperative document produced by six environmental and
  social justice groups based mostly in Louisiana (12-23-05), PDF file.

Ten Points to Guide Rebuilding in the Gulf Coast Region
  from PolicyLink

A Bill of Rights for Rebuilding New Orleans  (PDF file)
  From the African-American Leadership Project

The Hurricanes’ Legacy: Redevelopment in the Gulf Coast and the Nation    from Smart Growth America

New Orleans after the Storm: Lessons from the Past, a Plan for the Future   a report from the Brookings Institution

Katrina: Issues and the Aftermath (from The Brookings Institution)

New Orleans: Plan for Racial Equality and Environmental Justice
  Statement by the Planners Network Steering Committee

Thoughts on After Katrina: Diaspora and the Second Reconstruction
  by David Rusk, former mayor of Albuquerque and National Strategic
  Partner of the Gamaliel Foundation  (PDF file)

Perspectives on Katrina and Social Justice:

A National Day of Prayer and Call to Action
"Six months after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, the
disaster continues to unfold. Help us acknowledge the suffering
of countless victims throughout the region and demand more
thoughtful and vigorous action from our federal government."
from The National Alliance to Restore Opportunity 


Katrina and the Second Disaster: A Twenty-Point Plan to Destroy Black New Orleans  By Robert D. Bullard, PhD, Director, Environmental
  Justice Recource Center, Clark Atlanta University

In the Wake of Katrina: Provide Mobility, Not Just Mobile Homes
  by Bruce Katz in San Francisco Chronicle, September 18, 2005

The Color Line in Greenbuilding
  by Robert D. Bullard and Monique Harden

Katrina and the Demographics of Destruction and Reconstruction   from The Center for Law in the Public Interest

Collins Center to Help Hurricane Ravaged States

Katrina's Window: Confronting Concentrated Poverty Across America
  by Alan Berube and Bruce Katz, a report from the Brookings Institution

Katrina: A Watershed for a Nation and a Movement
  by David Goldberg of Smart Growth America
  Smart Growth America's Rebuilding After Katrina news & links page

Learning from Disasters: London’s Great Fire and Katrina
  by Rutherford H. Platt, Professor of Geography at UMass Amherst and
  author of Disasters and Democracy: The Politics of Extreme Natural

Editorial from The Social Edge.com

Counselors for Social Justice

Extensive list of Katrina links from the University of Massachusetts Amherst Geography Department


Katrina: Tracking Legislative Issues

Gulf Coast Technical Assistance Project   A joint project of the Partnership for Working Families and the Brennan Center for Justice at the NYU Law School